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Larry & Nancy Solheim

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<font color="#7f007f" size="3">Nancy, Amphi, and I made an 200+ mile round tripoutingtoday with 10 cars from the local MG club. We traveled north into British Columbia, Canada, near Harrison Hot Springs to Minden Gardens, a very beautiful setting. </font>

<font color="#7f007f" size="3">Even my neighbor (VP of the MG club) who has been out with us on local lakes several times, was surprised how "invisible"his MGs became, when inconvoy with an Amphicar. Nearly 100% of the gawkers, visitors and other tourists that came to talk to us came immediately (and only) to Amphi (& us)to ask the standard questions or to relate the "1 and only othertime I have previously seen an Amphicar, when I was just akid" story.</font>

<font color="#7f007f" size="3">A scary, but proud, sense of automotive "power"! She ran great, was a good ambassador,and we had a terrific day.</font>

<font color="#7f007f" size="3">A long Amphicar ride, however.</font>

<font color="#7f007f" size="3">--Larry</font></blockquote>


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