Right Hand Drive Amphicar



If anyone wants to have the quintisential unique of the unique, the
RHD car (eBay #2474373912) is the type of one of a kind car I drool
over. From what I understand, there are only 2 RHDs (maybe a 3rd at
the most) on US soil.

If my situation was such that I coud do it, I would have that car! I
know the many hoops Mike jumped through for this car to arrive in
the US. I also know it takes a very special situation for him to
part with it and loose money too. For me it would be a tough call
between a low mileage original car VS an uber rare RHD, reclining
seat, probable Berlin police car (the dark green was typical of

Good luck Mike!

John Bevins
Rocky Mountain Amphicar