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Discussion in 'General Amphicar Discussion' started by David Derer, Jul 21, 2001.

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    I found myself alone on a Friday night. 95 degrees and 99% humidity. Off
    to the river. Tunes, lights, and a couple of barley pops. The river void
    of all boats. Then the new bilgeing alternator took a bilge. Blue light
    my bilgeing butt. It was dark( of course). I found a ramp and pulled
    out. Place after place and no one home. Finally as headlights dimmed to
    off I came across an open home. His name was Dave, besides a battery
    charger he had a cold beverage and an air conditioned front porch. After
    an hour I traveled on. Headlights soaked up most of juice as I pulled
    into a popular gas station. It was hopping with teen agers. My gray hair
    and Hawaiian shirt fluttering in the breeze. Then the classic words out
    of one with underware hanging out, large belt and pants ready to fall. "
    Hey your the guy with the Bilgeing boat car! Your Bilgeing awesome
    mother Bilger. I used his buddys phone got a jump and blue light went
    off. Ahh then 5 miles from home the blue light popped on and a mile from
    home the car died. It was so darn nice out. The humidity and tall corn
    muffeled any noise. It was still 80+ degrees. Walked home enjoying the
    knowledge that I was not in the city. Were this little adventure could
    have gone all wrong. Viva Celina !!! Later Dave the Wave

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