Ride to Celina?

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Kay and I would be sohonored to have such a pillar of knowledge ride with us to Celina. Of course there would be no charge for gas, there is no price to put on this opportunityof a lifetime...I amdictating to Kay the first of theten thousand questions, so I am ready for your grand arrival to the mini motor homefor the7 hour learning experience.

John (student) Cigarman</font>

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David Derer

Hey Cigar Guy can I hitch a ride with You to Celina? I wont pitch in for
gas but I will answer Your ten thousand questions! I am confident
GrandPa Wave will give Me a ride back. Young Son achieved Eagle rank
yesterday and Margie is making all sorts of plans for weekend after
Celina and looks like She will stay home. BW2 is still not floating but
Thanks to John Friese My gas pedal is working better. Later Dave the Wave