Ride the Wave


Dave Derer

Current list
Definitely Going to try
Illinois 7 2 I know there are a couple
more here!
Minnesota 5 ? I 'll get that St. Croix Club
all worked up-maybe see 20 Amphis just from Minnesota!
Michigan 1 2 Huge school of Amphis in
Michigan too, maybe some can migrate south in Spring
Wisconsin 4 5 I am willing to bet the "going
to trys" are darn near defenite
Indiana 1 2 Hey "Still Alive" start
shaking Indianas Amphi tree
Ohio 1 2
Iowa 1 1
Colorado 1
Missouri 1
Louisiana 1
New Jersey 1
Florida 1
Kentucky ? ? Not even a peep
from this state.
Tennesee ? ? No answer is
better than no
Today's count 23 + 16 = 39 from 12 states
Plus about fifteen more I have not called, plus the ones I do not know.

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