Rick in Moose Jaw's VW




I just talked to Gord Souter. I looked for you in the Roster and did not
find you, though I found three other Alaska members. I am closer to Orlando
than Gord is and he likewise just read your e-mail. I am only 35 miles
from Orlando - probably half the distance he is, but he is leaving tomorrow
morning for warm Orillia. I am a VW nut ( Vertical fan type ) and have owned
a number of Beetles, Busses and Karmann Ghias and still have a 1971 KG
convertible ( which was their very best year for various reasons : 1971 was
the last year for the neat "gingerbread" bumper over riders on the
Karmann Ghias and they also had the highest HP for the Karmann Ghias - 60 HP", as
they began reducing it for the last 3 years of KG production when they
added the mandated pollution equipment ). I even owned a Hebmueller VW
convertible ( look in any VW history book and you'll see what one is if you are
not familiar with them - they only built about 800. ) Mine ended up being
owned by Terry Schuler who wrote the antique column for Dune Buggies and Hot
VW's for several years and it is now in a collection in California. I also
owned a 1949 VW convertible - Karmann built - as all the Beetle
convertibles were. ( 1949 was the first year VW offered convertibles. I bought it for
$100 as the dealer would only give him $25 for the "old car.". )

At any rate, give me more info if you'd like me to check on the '67 at
Vantage Sportscars. Is it a beetle, bus or Karmann Ghia and is it already paid
for and when is it due to be shipped ? My first brand new car was a 1963
Karmann Ghia convertible ordered as soon as I arrived at my Air Force base
in Germany. My first busses were 36 HP "Barn Door" models - one the sunroof
23 window "Luxus" model. Give me Vantage's address and phone number as
well as your own address, phone number and e-mail address. Mine is :
_nelson625@aol.com_ (mailto:nelson625@aol.com) . If you wish me to check into it.
I remember -40 degrees F. in Germany my first winter in Bavaria. The good
old days and my first experience learning that though VW's run great on
ice, they CAN get hung up in deep snow when they ride up on the pan !

Nelson between Daytona Beach and Orlando.

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