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Wanted - information leading to the name
and/or address of the anonymous gift giver
of the Ebay purchased "Amphicar Parking
Only - all others will sink or swim" full size
metal sign. My Mermaid wife has claimed
no knowledge of this most generous and
completely wonderful gift. (Oddly enough I
believe her). Like I've always said... we the
amphibious members of this planet are by
far the most... the most... THE MOST SNEAKY NEWTS ON GODS GREEN EARTH!
Who gave me this sign??? Sheesh!!! Aw
come 'on, fess up - I can't take it, it's eating
me alive not knowing. And the really worst
part is... I'm not even sure that I didn't order
it myself. No, there's no way. I did NOT buy
this classic sign, I don't even have an Ebay
account. Who gave me this sign? Oh man,
this is so intense. What a really genuinely
fine thing someone has gone and done by sending
me this "Amphicar Parking Only" sign. But please
let me know who you are... or else! Or else
what you ask? Ha... I'll plague this board with
horrible tasteless trivia like this ----->

Every sailing ship had to have cannons for protection.
Cannons of the times required round iron cannonballs.
The master wanted to store the cannonballs such that
they could be of instant use when needed, yet not roll
around the gun deck. The solution was to stack them
up in a square-based pyramid next to the cannon. The
top level of the stack had one ball, the next level down
had four, the next had nine, the next had sixteen, and so
on. Four levels would provide a stack of 30 cannonballs.
The only real problem was how to keep the bottom level
from sliding out from under the weight of the higher levels.
To do this, they devised a small brass plate ("brass monkey")
with one rounded indentation for each cannonball in the
bottom layer. Brass was used because the cannonballs
wouldn't rust to the "brass monkey," but would rust to an
iron one. When temperature falls, brass contracts in size
faster than iron. As it got cold on the gun decks, the
indentations in the brass monkey would get smaller than
the iron cannonballs they were holding. If the temperature
got cold enough, the bottom layer would pop out of the
indentations spilling the entire pyramid over the deck.

Thus it was, quite literally, "cold enough to
freeze the balls off a brass monkey!"

So you better fess up you anonymous sign giver you!
And thank you from the bottom of my soft white
underbelly to the tops of my unfurled fins.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego

PS - to Larry & Nancy Solheim, Regarding your comment:
<Snip> As Amphipoda will appreciate, the "other car"
(Amphi, '66 white) is beginning to complain about her
frequent disassembly and internal inspections, being
used as an assembly aide.<unsnip>

Dear Larry & Nancy - Amphi should be told the purpose of
inspection prior to opening her up. Like any good doctor,
your bed side manner is all important when dealing with
a sensitive Amphi. Good luck.