reversing air flow


Ren? Pohl

who said it is a bad idea to reverse the airflow? Actually the Amphicar
factory was trying such experiments themselves, found it to be a better
solution, but unfortunately changes never went into production! But you
would have to change the in- and outlets on the bonnet, find a suitable new
opposite fan and ... - and this is the major problem - find a solution for
the transmission cooling. According to the factory experiences the
transmission went much hotter that way, so you would have to add an extra
transmission oil cooler. Some German drivers tried to cool down the trans by
cutting in air intakes in the upper part of the side panels right under the
rear windows. The effect was doubtful, however no good idea in rough water.
So all those holes are taped over meanwhile.
Installing an extra trans cooler shouldn?t be much problem, if you take an
electric oil pump from scrap out of a modern car (the Audi turbo got such
for example). Use the plugs and oil level points to fit the hoses. But you
know, if you drive it just for show, it might be not worth all the
Generations tried to optimize the Amphicar, but at the end after many years
playing around and uncountable changings and tries, they all restore it back
to originality!


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> Marty,
> Ode de Amphi is pretty common. Awhile back, when I was more
> I though I could restore my Amphi to perfect condition. I worked hard to
> seal up all of the possible air leaks form the engine compartment. The
> closer you look, the more you will find. There is a passage near the top
> the wheel wells where the rear fins run forward. I jammed foam in but I'm
> sure it still leaks there. On my car the metal box that supports the rear
> seat leaks in a hundred places mostly around the wheel wells but also
> the floor where all of the control wires and cables pass through. Oh yes
> and don't forget the access panel on the floor where the heater hoses run.
> I got so discouraged that I posted a question here about the
> of reversing the air flow at the radiator. At least then there would be
> negative pressure in the engine compartment and air would be sucked in
> instead of blown out. A couple of people replied that it was a bad idea,
> but no one every explained why. I never did it. Instead, my sites are
> lower now. I just tell all of my Amphi-guest to wear something that can
> in the washing machine when they get home.
> Arnold Hite
> Johns Island, SC
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> Subject: Fumes inside
> After reviewing the note from David Chapman about how the fan will
> create positive ventilation in the engine compartment and then if the
> seals are not in place or in good shape, exhaust or other vapors may
> be pushed inside the passenger compartment.
> I took a look in the engine compartment, the seals around the
> firewall look intact and in good shape. I did however find a
> rectangular cut out about 6 inches wide X 4 inches tall just behind
> the valve cover in the firewall. Is this hole supposed to be there
> and if it is should it have a door.
> Best Regards,
> Marty & Caryl
> '64 Turq
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