David Derer

It would be nice to be able to
find reverse.

Thanks in advance,
Steve Behnke
1964 Red

Sounds like you moved your shifter adjustment when doing mounts.On
clutch adjustment you should be able to wiggle fork a little. Unless
Marty did your clutch!!! Marty were you helping again? :) Later Dave
the Wave. The last minute Midwest Swim now may have three cars enjoying
the heat of summer.

Dave Derer

Think how the trans is made. Reverse gear is all alone, on a bushing to
boot. Now reverse gears get really beat up. My guess this your problem.
One tooth is really bad and takes a bit of travel to engage wrong.

I have a diaphram pressure plate. Only thing looks different is ring
that contacts release bearing is a little bit higher. About 1/8th only.
This is new from a Sprite 948. I plan on trying as is. Do not forget
there are at least five release (throw out) bearings. They all look
similiar. Some have a junky sheet metal like case and bearing pulls out.
Or the one with the "arms" that attach to fork are not straight so
bearing is installed crooked. Or the one that is way tall.

As Police go my Mother always said "Be polite, no matter who is right"
That saved my butt! Later Dave the Wave