Results of my second fifteen minutes of fame



Okay guys, this one was pretty funny.

Today I was interviewed with my Amphicar by Tony McEwing for Fox
Television's "Good Day Live" TV show.

For those who do not know him, Tony is about 6' 2" and weighs a
whopping 270 lbs., and he insisted that he wanted to drive the
Amphicar in and out of the water while on camera!

Well, this guy's upper legs were so thick and got in the way of the
stickshift that it was virtually impossible for me to shift the
Amphicar into first gear for the drive up the boat ramp when we left
the water. I kept shifting it into THIRD gear for him instead.

So, time after time, on national television mind you, Tony chugged
half way up the boat ramp only to stall the car and roll back down
into the water.

It was hilarious fun, and the anchors back in the newsroom had a
field day with Tony's ineptness behind the wheel.

Finally, while off camera, I pushed Tony's leg out of the way and got
it into first, and we drove out of the water a short while later for
the cameras.

Hope someone was able to catch it around the country.

Ed Howard
Orange County, CA
64 Red

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