Restored or un restored-original You be judge


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RESTORED Wrong valve cover color. Notice whoever put the top down doesn't know how to fold it. He also doesn't know that red was the most popular color. Goofy listing.

Didn't notice the bumper but I'm lazy and just hit the most obvious. Somebody bought it though for $42,300. I suppose that's not too bad a price but when the write up is so wrong wouldn't feel good about it at most any price.

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And what about .....A totally restored, perfect condition 1964 Amphicar Model 770......., but also.........

Must be an idiot!


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How 'bout the red crimp-on connectors for the coil and distributor cap...Is that right for "original"? Looks a bit modern.

The muffler is that right?


It appears to have the thermostat spacer to allow use of a modern thermostat. Wheels are too white, should contrast with the whitewalls at least a little. Besides my car rusted in places I don't even think got wet like the top of the dash so what are the odds of an original car having 0 rust?


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Looks like someone bought it. Next thing ya know it will be in Scottsdale where someone will be trying to pass it off as an unrestored original.


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For what it is worth - I have a bunch of old Amphicar dealer records which show that this car was sold in March 0f 1964 to Birdsong Auto Sales in Red Bluff CA by Ranchero Motors which was the U S distributor for Amphicar.
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