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    My 64 (Brown Wonder) and my red 66 both came about because of the owner
    passing away. I kept in touch with spouses and family via video tapes.
    Niether were able to do anything with the cars. Both very happy and
    thankful that the cars were back on road. Amphis have a very strong
    emotional connection. Your question should you restore needs to come
    from are you keeping or are you selling. If to maximize income from
    selling sanding painting and putting back together can cost nearly as
    much as sale price. There should be a club member or friend of the hobby
    that can take a look at your car. Feel free to call me at 815 849 5498.
    Later Dave the Wave
    Subject: restore???

    I am new to the list. My question is as follows: I own a amphicar. It
    was in
    the process of being restored/repainted etc. My Husbands fun project. He
    before it was completed. The question is should I have it finished or
    sell it
    as is? The body is in good shape and everything works but needs to be
    painted and put back together. Your comments and suggestion are
    S. Hall

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