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Dear Mrs. Hall

The option to restore or sell your Amphicar:

Dave Derer brings up a very good point about Amphicars owners having
very strong emotional connections with their Amphicar. Yours may or
may not be as strong as your husbands or even my wife and mine.

We enjoy driving and swimming our Amphicar so much, and at this time
it is a very big part of our lives, the kids too.

Should you choose to have it restored, please do drive and swim it.

If you decide to sell your Amphi, and if you choose to do so with any
of our club members, be assured, they are all very trustworthy and
would not try to take advantage of you.

Of any club or professional affiliation we have been associated with,
driving and swimming our Amphicar gives us more satisfaction and fun,
we also meet the nicest friends.

Best Regards
Marty & Caryl Peters
'64 Turq

David Derer

2005-1990 = 15yrs and not done. Do You have another 15 yrs to restore to
original? And then will it be done? Any Amphi used is never done. Nice thing
about getting away from 100% original is that You can upgrade and change. Some
of the best cars are modified. Later Dave the Wave

Since buying my amphicar in 1990 I've been slowly restoring it till it
was both water and land usable. Thought I was finished in 1997 but I
keep finding more info all the time. Just recently found your club and
much more usefull info. Now the dilema. Do I restore it to my
satisfactory use or do I restore it to it's original condition?