Restoration begins here!


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Sorry for hijacking your thread, but it seems you stole my car.:D


Good luck for the restoration, she will become a beauty. I can tell you.

Alaska Marty

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Car is slowly thawing, even after 12 hours in the garage (45*), still a snow bank in the interior. Finally got the front hood open, my dreams of a complete tool kit and spare tire were in vain, just a mouse nest and a pool of rusty water. There was a jack at least. Some interesting documentation in the glove compartment, Alaska vehicle registration from 1976, Coast Guard certificate from 1983 (principle stare of use Alaska). Looks like the car has been in Alaska since at least 1976. Plus a 1981 tide book and a few misc parts ( see pictures). Found an ignition key too! Bonus! Interesting AM radio fitted. Lots of rust emerging from the snow.


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