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Ahhh yes? the bilge area and its unique quality of
harvesting Amphi tools and parts. I know it well. My
theory, and mind you it is just a theory, is there exist
an increased gravitational force within Amphi's bilge
area. This force is based in part on the level of importance
of the item one is about to loose. Hence an insignificant
screw or redundant bolt will likely fall to within arms
reach and seldom beyond sight. However, those one of
a kind pieces of hardware (i.e., something carburator
related), that are really expensive or as rare as hafnium
and/or custom tools are most likely to settle into
the very bottom of the bilge area where the gravitational
forces are the greatest. One can actually experience this
uncanny force by simply inserting one's self into the
bilge area and then within seconds the phone or door
bell will ring. There are forces within Amphi I don't
fully understand, but one thing is for sure? Amphi
knows what's best for Amphi, and if Amphi wants to
store some stuff in the bilge? so be it! I myself keep
a running tally of Amphi's demands in my wallet at
all times. I strongly recommend you do likewise.

'64 Turquoise
San Diego

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