reproduction thoughts


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I'm glad you feel that way about the Gordon's. They are sensitive people who do their best to keep people happy. Hugh always listens to ideas and from us and if he can produce something at a fair price, he does. My call went in to Shelle for the fin moldings. How can you beat that price!!!


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David Derer

Its been on My mind about Woods comment on reproducing trans parts. I
say do it. Then tell how much it cost. It took took Me huge amount of
time to make battery trays and quarters-the way I wanted them. If it is
not a labor of love then its time wasted. Because to recoupe investment
is really really hard. Some took offense at Tampa Tommys comment about
doubling price. But if We estimate what entire business would sell for
double might be conservative. I never like to tell The Gordons when I am
happy, I am much better at the opposite. Especially when I am on ground
at Ozarks!! But this weekend special is loaded with deals. I am stocking
up. I bitch and moan to The Gordons and about The Gordons. Everytime
time they get Me mad they make be better! But at the end of the day I am
glad to be part of thier World and I am glad they are a part of Mine.
Sincerely Dave The Wave