Repost: Care of Amphi while you?re away



Mermaid & I are off to Fiji for 11 days of tropical
fun. Mermaid will miss the cats, but I'll miss
Amphi more. Of course we did hire a house,
cat, turtle, Amphi sitter for the duration of
our absence. And that reminded me about an
old posting I did way back in April of 2000.
It's entitled "Care of Amphi while you're away."
Perhaps this may be useful to newbies as well...

While you are in Amphi there are no worries
about care and feeding, but what about when
you are away? How will your Amphi's needs
be met while you go gallivanting about...?
Especially if you're gone for an extended period
of time. I've take the liberty of out- lining some
helpful hints to ensure your Amphi will not be or
feel neglected. First off, we need to understand
Amphi's intrinsic needs and then we will explore
the symptoms of neglect. And finally we will
discuss the appropriate preventative measures
necessary to maintain a happy Amphi during
your inevitable absence from Amphi's side.
Needs: Amphis need a certain amount of holding,
nurturing, and Amphi talk. I've found that
reading my Amphi the digest postings at bedtime
help Amphi to get a good education and also
promote sleeping. In order to maximize the effect
it is also recommended you sit in your Amphi while
reading any Amphi lore. Whenever possible pitch
a sleeping bag next to your Amphi and sleep there.
Neglect: A neglected Amphi may not be readily
apparent to the untrained eye. I've been told that
an unhappy Amphi makes giraffe like sounds and
may become unresponsive when called. Other
symptoms include messy, soiled, and smelly ulcers
in the rear or bilge area. In extreme cases severe
dehydration is evident by discoloration and a general
dull appearance. Such neglect is tantamount to war
crimes. While you are away: Amphi should be provided
ample reading material, preferably periodicals pertaining
to aquatic adventures such as fishing, swimming, boating,
and sailing. Amphi should also be allowed to view a select
group of classic automotive magazines. Some might
even "hide in plain sight" a girly magazine or two.
However it is not recommended Amphi be allowed to
view racing or high performance vehicle literature as
this may have an adverse effect. Also, Amphis tend to
miss their owners and are often comforted by being
provided with a mildly scented article of clothing such
as a sweater, t-shirt, or even a blanket. Be sure to use
an item that has your scent so you don't confuse your
Amphi. And always be sure to tell your Amphi when
you will be home again... if plans change, then you are
obligated to phone your Amphi and update the schedule.
I trust this has been very informative for all. Next week
we will discuss how to properly discipline Amphi when
he or she has been naughty.

Amphipoda (Fiji bound!!!)
`64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

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