Report of Puddingstone Swim-In yesterday



Hi Folks:

We had a wonderful Swim-In again yesterday at Puddingstone Lake in
the Los Angeles area.

The weather was perfect. A total of nine Amphicars showed up, and all
were good swimmers.

The long distance driving record once again goes to John Friese, who
drove his beautiful white car 135 miles from Santa Barbara.

There were several familiar faces, as well as several new faces and
cars not previously seen in this area.

A surprise visit from Billy Syx of East Coast Amphicar, who was in
town filming his episode of "Junkyard Wars", put almost everyone in
the mood for some serious splash entries, now more formally known
as "Advanced Entries"!!!

I have posted some photos under the Files section
called "Puddingstone September 8, 2002". Enjoy! I would have taken
more photos, but, quite frankly, I was having too much fun to
remember to pick up the camera!!!!

Viva Puddingstone!

Ed Howard
Orange County, CA
64 Red