removing inner front bearing race



Has anyone tried this???

An old BMW mechanic friend of mine suggested that I "weld the races
out". When I first heard this I thought that he was joking since I
would never allow any type of welding instrument so close to my pride-
and-joy! Then he explained the process and I've been using it ever
since to remove stubborn bearing races such as those pressed onto the
bottom of a triple-clamp.Using a MIG (wire feed) welder, run a thin
bead that penetrates about 1/4 to 1/2 way through the race. Run the
bead around the circumference of the bearing where the balls would
have fit. Be patient, and keep the weld away from anything other than
the bearing race. You can even put a small step of weld that would
later help when you tap off the bearing race with either a cold
chisel or pin punch. I wouldn't recommend a screwdriver since it may
shatter on you. Always remember to wear eye protection both in the
welding process and when tapping on the bearing race.Bearings on the
inside of steering tubes will almost drop out with very little
tapping or cursing. I've been there (pounding, cursing, and bleeding)
trying to pry these things out (and in the process) doing damage to
the surrounding metal. I used this welding technique with great
success on some of the most stubborn and hard to get out bearing
races on the bottom of the spindle, the kind that goes through the
frame's steering head.Since the race is pressed against a flat
shoulder with absolutely no area to pry, and since I had already
powder coated the lower triple clamp, it was extremely important that
I use the utmost care when removing the race...

Let me know, Cigarman