Removeable Hardtops



Hi Folks!
First time I've written here.
Thought I would offer my spin on a removeable hardtop.

I realize the fear of being able to get out fast in the event of a
With the soft top's bow design, once you undo the latches the top
flips straight up. It stays rigid and pivots in the back only. I
was braced and prepared to do this as I was slowly taking on water in
Lake Havasu. My Bilge pump seized for the first time in 10 years.
Fuse blew and no pump. Wasn't sure if I was going to make it through
the five foot rolling breakers caused by the high desert winds?
Turns out that I did. Water was only up to the floorboards and
didn't even go down the oil dipstick. Whew!

Why not design a hardtop that is hooked on in the back, and once the
latches are opened, simply pivots off? Most importantly, I would
make the top a foam-filled fiberglass/composite type that would
double as a flotation platform. Might even HELP in the event of a
sinking? (What else are you going to hang on to? - The Igloo Cooler?)

Just undo the latches and it will float free. A foam platform of
that size would really float well!

Again, just my thoughts. Have fun and enjoy no matter what!
But....let me know if anyone makes one. I will be first in line!
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