Remember the maroon Amphicar...



...that I had at Daves 2 years ago? It was fresh out of a warehouse in
Georgia and we put 200+ miles on it plus many hours in the water, all
trouble/dribble free. Everybody commented on how it has the "best
brakes of any Amphicar" (even compared to the nice Amphi with disc
brakes). I decided to have it painted (already a solid VERY MINIMAL
1/4 rust). 1967 (late) car, with black dash and lips. All original
interior, dealer AM radio, tires and 4 way flashers. Only missing the
correct horn, Started right up even after sitting for a year! Truely a
very nice car, put the key in and go. If I had not just found a 100%
original, top shelf red car, it would not be for sale, but it is
for "sail" now! If anyone is interested, contact me Off line or at

John Bevins
Rocky Mountain Amphicar
970-532-4104 - H
303-868-8384 - C