Relaxing with Dave the Wave


Marty & Caryl

Marty & Caryl, 2 daughters, 2 dogs & Cockatiel had a tremendous time
on the Rock with Dave, Margie, Ray & Mike.
The Blackhawk's Trail Lodge has it all and the owners, Becky & D made
us feel right a home. The place is in such a relaxing location that
sitting around and relaxing for a few hours only takes a few minutes.
The water was swift and fun, kind of like flying at times and the
weather could not have been better. It was great meeting up with
everyone to share the river and stories. I especially want to thank
Cap'n John for his story of searching for a ramp in the dark.
I just can't get use to another yellow Amphicar. Maybe by next
year's annual swim with Dave it will look ok. I only hope Dave &
Billy haven't started a trend.
I can't wait till my photos are back so I can prove what all I saw.
Marty & Caryl
'64 Fjord Green