Reinforcing front corner of convertible top frame

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Probably a common problem, but the frame for my top is broken (rusted I guess) right where the side U-channel piece attached to the front brow piece. (really poor photo attached) It is a really wimpy connection even when not broken

I saw a message someplace where it was advised to cut and weld some kind of triangle shaped piece of metal to the side to fix/reinforce it. .My question is: does anyone have a template for that or better still can anyone supply a couple of those braces? I may be overhinnking this, but I'm interested in any other ideas about extending the life of this frame.

I am also planning to have it sandblasted or something and then powder coating. A good plan?

corner of top frame.jpg


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look hard and you can see the corner weld. All tops I do get a triangle piece there. The brace is along the side at rear to prevent sagging, will copy a post and att. next. From my supplier. Just worked on this car last week,conv top 003.JPGBlack Top  cloth 001.JPG