Registration Number Suggestion


When I met the other Amphi owners in my area for the first time, I got some
complements on my boat registration numbers. I thought others migh also like
the numbers I used.

I used numbers made by Hardline Products. Mine are red fading to black which
look good on my white car, matching the red wheels and black trim. Many
other colors are available. You can see all the different numbers Hardline

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My numbers are the "200" series numbers, but you can look through them all.
In addition to ordering these on-line, you can usually find them at boat
stores or PWC dealers. However, at these stores, you usually won't find the
complete selection available from Hardline.

The package claims the numbers are USCG approved (even though they are a
slightly curved font). Also, I believe there is at least one other company that
makes similar numbers, but I don't remember their name.

White '63

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Another choice is to go to a local "Signs Plus" or similar and have
them made. Mine cost about $20 for both sides, and they did it in
about 20 minutes while I waited. They also are easily removed without
damage to the paint when needed.