Regatta Red 71638 DAR offset 2349

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> It's not the wire that makes it work, it's the smoke within. ;) Don't
> let the smoke out or it won't work! ;)
> Cap'n
Hi all, Weird Harold the '68 is in the paint shop!
His previous owner will be very pleased. Bilge, under the hood and the motor
compartment are all painted. The dash and doors are new wrinklee black. This
Amphi has taken forever, 440 hours to date.
So I checked the old postings and came up with this paint code "Regatta Red
71638 DAR offset 2349"
The question is, is that the correct paint code? If it is not PLEASE tell me
quick. We will paint him on Saturday. Weird Harold is so happy he is eager to
try his rebuilt motor and new clutch. But it will take another two months to
put him back together if all goes well.
Restoring an Amphicar, is kinda like watching a Galapagos Tortoise tumbling
act, it takes a while. Tommy in Tampa

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