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Hi , I have two types of reflectors on the rear oval and rectangular .[red]
The oval ones are on an Amphicar built for the USA market and the rectangular on a European version.
Are there USA ones with the rectangular reflectors ? or Europeans with oval?
Or let I put it like this were they used random?



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On all the cars I have worked on I have only seen Ovals .Gordon Imports use to sell a replacement one that was rectangular.
It could have been from a bicycle.


Oké thanks for the feedback , I was told that the rectangular are the same as Porsche and Mercedes used .

So if I change them back for ovals ,it will be better I think.
I have 2 spare ovals so no problem.


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At start all Amphicars were equipped with the small oval reflectors. The reflection area was too small to comply with the then German regulations. Therefore, the cars sold in Germany were provided with larger reflectors. The parts manual shows three different types.


Indeed in the parts manual 3 type oval rectangular round [ i think it is round ]
Is there a picture somewhere of 27c round ?

And in the parts list there is one more 27.
So that is 4, maybe early type?
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