Red ready and priced to sell Amphi

Midwest Amphicar

Worlds Largest Amphicar Destination
This little Amphi is mechanically very nice. With new clutch and flywheel installed. Brakes have been sleeved and shoes are Souters hummer lined. Car is useable as is. Last used a few weeks ago during our Mt Dora swim in. Car has plenty of filler in quarters and elsewhere. A car that can be used and enjoyed with out worry about scratching it. $35000. Call Dave at 815 910 5502. Located in central FloridaDSCN3642.JPGDSCN3643.JPGDSCN3644.JPGDSCN3645.JPGDSCN3646.JPGDSCN3647.JPGDSCN3648.JPGDSCN3649.JPG