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This is an all original candy apple red floating convertible. A 1967 Amphicar 770 also known as my mothers other daughter, served as my mothers wet/dry traveling stage most of my life and landed her in tousands of strangers vacation snaps and videos, parades, boat and car show pictures all over the world. She smiles and salutes from her red white and blue themed Captains hat in countless front page newspaper and mag. articles. Along side shots of her posed with trophys, famous or notable people, DAR ladies or cops.. or firemen... maybe pulled up on the beach toasting with spring breakers... and very often with, "The World Famous London Bridge" in Lake Havasu AZ as her backdrop! She's lived here in Arizona since 1980. Mom loved that she could drive over or under our beautiful bridge and she loved loved loved her amphicar.. Dad and I, not so much.... Today it sits in its spot in the garage covered by its blankie...with a couple thousand miles on it and its original paintjob. The body is still strait less a couple thumb size dock bumps, and rustfree in and out. She's never been in salt water or even any bad weather! Dad was a WW11 vet, an oil man and bought her new. He was her only mechanic, he passed away in 2006 so it had its last service and tuneup that spring. She never did go out again so in '08 my brother came down and put in forever oil, drained out the gas and we put it up on jackstands. "At last"I thought, and mom said yet again.."You kids have to bury me in my Amphi your Father promised!" I didnt have to wash and wax it each time it went out anymore, but I promised my Dad I'd always take care of it and Mother if he died first..I wax the Amphi every year and took care of mom till she passed in 2016. Dad used to tease me that if mom got her way, our backyard was big enough to bury her in it... but then it would be such a chore for me to dig it up and wax it every year.. I'm too damn old to wax that car, and I'll never dig that if you know someone or you want to have, my mothers other sister is for sale! Never even had the top up.. Believe it she is 99% original, never been rebuilt doesnt need restored and is still all metal! We have a huge paper file that includes the first book and covers a lot of her history in clips, pictures and her parts catalog. Yes, she ran when we parked her, but she needed her carb adjusted way back then so if you adopt, bring your flatbed to pick her up!
Barrett Jackson advises a $75,000 reserve, but we are 400 miles from Phoenix.
text me : (928) 486-9870. Julia H. Lk. Havasu, AZ USA
Hi Julia,

Nice story- and out from under cover comes an original unmolested one owner car!
I am sure I am not the only one who wants to see some pictures.

Good luck, Mark


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Hi Mark,
Im sorry i dont know the blog table manners much less if the post has actually happened....i can see the pictures i put on can you? hummm it kinda sounds like you dont believe me... I promise im not pulling your leg..99% original only one owner.
I set it on those floor dollys so i could push it outside to take pictures and the right rear white wall cracked and went flat...had myself a cry .. is it 98% now?
We had it in Idaho from 67 to 80, only got to use it a few times in the 2 or 3 warm months and the annual parade..It was notorious in our little town, then we trailered it out here to AZ.
It does get really....really hot and dry out here so the window rubber will have to be replaced before it will seal..Rest assured she is quite unmolested! lol!
I know how to email if you want some pictures that way.. : )
No, that worked and I see the pictures. Thanks!

So original it still has the original tires!
I bet it has the original muffler and spark plugs too.

I can see the weep hole thingys on the headlight frames too.

Can we see under the hood and a shot of the engine?
What is your VIN#?
Looks like a later 67.


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Very late 67's carry the black crinkle paint all around the windshield frame and along the top of the door frames, so this one isn't that late. I believe late 67's also have fender mounted heaters and some even have 6 inch drive shaft tunnels. Here's a photo of my very late 67:Red Car in Garage 03.JPG

John Friese
67 White
67 Red
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Great point John.

Mine is also a 67, but not a very late version like yours.
My vehicle ID plate is blank for the year so probably sat around before finally being sold at the end.


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Barrett Jackson advises a $75,000 reserve, but we are 400 miles from Phoenix.

This would be on a turn key ready to go needs nothing car. don't get your hopes up on that kind of money.
Yes it looks good in the pics but ALL rubber parts HAVE to be replaced.. including motor mounts, trim. Tires etc.

I did a bunch of work years ago on a 500 mile Blue car. Once I was done it was like driving a new car off the show room, man it drove GOOD.


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I also have a White car that's tagged as a 67 but it doesn't (or didn't) have the fender mounted heater or the late style brake linkage and hand throttle. I came up with a fix for the hand throttle but didn't bother to change the brake linkage or heater.

John Friese
67 White
67 Red
New White Car Beaty Shots HR 15.JPG
Not sure what the brake linkage differences were. Never heard of that.
Curious since I just did my brakes this spring.

My 67 has a fender mounted heater, but not the black hand throttle shown in the picture above.


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A late style brake linkage pulls from the center of the car and has an adjusting nut accessible under the trunk floor. This allows some adjustment without pulling up the main floor.

That emergency brake handle I think is the way the car came to me. I don't remember having it powder coated like I did on much of the secondary parts of the car. Both shift levers visable in the photo were powder coated.


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Not sure what the brake linkage differences were. Never heard of that.
Curious since I just did my brakes this spring.

Johns talking about the E brake... Std Brakes are the same threw all years,.
I have a car in shop. when I have floor out I will take a close up pic. but here is one of area now. you can see cable all way up to front in middle. early ones were of to the left.john asse,bly 010.JPG


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Hi all, I got some more pics Ill try to put on.


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Please let me know if I'm just crowding the shop... I felt like B.Jackson is just going to auction online and I'm not thinking it's worth the 16%. I sure don't care to see it hauled off to Phoenix, now there is a place it could get molested! We have the rods and relics out here, but that crowd just wants to give her a big look see and crack a museum joke or two.. The boat crowd out here.. lets just say they don't take the Amphi very seriously...One thing for sure they are not impressed by good gas mileage! At least the pro fishing fellas have better manners, they do understand trolling...
I just figured the Amphi crowd would be better ones to adopt her out to a new loving family. If not, just rip the bandaid off, I can handle it...


There are other ways to sell it than at a regular auction. You could try eBay with a reserve and see what kind of bids you get. Bring A Trailer has had a few Amphicars on their site bring good money. Their fees are much lower and the originality would be valued. With Covid I think the BJ and other auction houses are getting much lower attention than when they are live. I'm certainly not paying attention to them and I go to Scottsdale every January.
Hi Julia,

That last batch of pictures gave me a good impression of the condition of this car.
It looks to me like a very good candidate for a mild restoration, with little to no body work (at least until you look inside some dark crevices).
I think someone will want it who may not have a desire to do body work but is capable of the mechanical and general maintenance that will need to be done such as brake work, tune up, rubber trim replacement, grease seals (props), and anything else not obvious in the pictures.

My opinion is that a car like this would not bring the best money at auction. That is where the high dollar trailer queens go.
Looking at other cars on line you will find ones that have already had all of this work done. Your car is also not up to those in regard to having all of the mechanical systems looked after and all of the fit and finish work completed.
Parts can be expensive. A new transmission is $16,000.00 from Gordon's. I did a brake job on my car this year and have over $1,000 into it without labor you would have to pay. All of the rubber trim can be in the thousands as well.
I believe you still have the original muffler too. You don't see those very often still installed.

You are in the right place here, but more effort to bring attention to the Amphicar crowd can be done.
If you wanted to join the International Amphicar Owners Club and advertise in the newsletter, you would reach more potential buyers.
Just go to and join. I think it is still $30 a year to join. There are a couple for sale there now for between $48k and $70k for a really nice one.
EBAY is also a good option. I have never sold a car there, but others have and can advise on that.
Hemmings motor News also can be a good place to sell. Years ago that is where I found my car. There are a few there for sale as well right now.

Looking at your VIN plate, your car is very close in serial number to mine. Within 150! My plate is also not date stamped like yours.
Also, all Amphicars are low mileage. I think mine is still under 5000 miles total, so that low of mileage is not as rare as other vehicles.

Good luck with your car! It is nice to see an original example still out there in such good condition.
If you have questions please feel free to throw them out and someone here will chime in.


Here is a picture taken last week at my "home" ramp.IMG_20200728_202434273 (2).jpgIMG_20200728_202434273 (2).jpg


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Hi Mark!
Wow, Thank you for your input! And wow again on your really pretty Red Amphi! Your advise is just what I was looking for and i really appreciate your time and effort. I wonder have you ever had dealings with Heritage Auctions? They seem to be attached to that trailer outfit, do you know for sure?
I've also had an offer or two to consign. One fella wants to come haul it to Temecula California and sell it from his lot of fancy quads..He is a close friend of the family but would that be a very good place for exposure?
Anyhow, a big big Thank You for your expertise and kind advise! If your ever out Colorado river way I'll show you the sights!