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After a 4 year project, it's about ready to hit the road and water too. Need your advice on tires. Don't want the large skinny whitewall but a conventional radial. Did a search here and saw Firestone was a good tire for fit, form, function. But saw no detailed info on sizes and tire model. Any help is sure appreciated. Also would like to install an aftermarket radio. Concerned only about fit. Not a rolling boombox. Will use a hidden antennae marine type and small speakers. Thanks again..


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Finally internet in Fl.
185/80R13 is the best general fit and look of std. tires.
as radials bulge out more in the sides spacers are needed to bring them out about 1/4 inch or they will hit springs and brake bracket on rear wheel(and blow out tire!)
These are getting hard to find at the general tire stores and now only in black wall.
WW are aval at Universal tire and Black Diamond and others
Ron has 175/80R=13 on his car.. they look ok but a bit small, and are less fat.
Radios, I have a box of a model I used in Amphicar but its back home,, fit was tight, but had all todays goodies for about $300
Wal-Mart types can be put under dash quite easily.
We use the Vredestein Sprint Classic which is available in the original 640x13 size but is a radial. It is made in Holland, reasonably priced and works superbly on Amphicar. Vredestein were original fit on our cars of course. There is even a whitewall version. Remember you have to use a tube with the Amphicar wheels.
White Knob Blaupunkt Frankfurt is correct for Amphicar, that was fitted in to Amphicars used in movies when they were new.


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I put one of these in mine.
We can get them here in Canada for $190, shipping included.
Good sound, loud enough to hear as you drive down the road, classic look with all the functionality of modern electronics.

Thanks for the reply/ Was there a particular model that you bought?? And did you use I see like a cover plate or did it fit nicely in the space Amphicar provided? Thanks again.


I bought the Model One but I see they now have a Model Two. If you scroll down the page I posted the link to, you will see a large number of faceplate and knob options. The one in my car is made for the Model One Retrosound radio. The face plates are an extra charge, as is (I think) the external recepticle with the USB, SD and 1/8th inch stereo jacks. Well worth the money in my opinion.

If you already have a faceplate you want to use, as long as the display section of the radio is similar in size, you can use it with this radio. The knob location is fully adjustable up and down / side to side.

I also put one of these into my 76 Honda Civic. The hole in the dash was a perfect fit so I didn't even need the faceplate. Even the old knobs fit and it was small enough to fit in the very restrictive space I had behind the dash. They're pretty slick units. I recomend them but there are others out there doing the same thing. You might want to look around and see if there's something you like better.
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I forgot to mention, if you're installing it in a positive ground car, when you're insulating all the mounting points for the radio, don't forget to insulate the antena from the body.


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With such a special car like an Amphicar I personally think that Cameron is right. Just fit a white knob Blaupunkt Frankfurt from the 60's. It will probably increase the value of the car. These original radios are still available on ebay. Maybe a little bit expensive but compared to the price of certain Amphicar parts, it is still peanuts. A digital radio display in an Amphicar to me is an eyesore.


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I have a blaupunkt in dash for show but put a modern 1-din in the glovebox (some cutting required).