Recap of the Puddingstone Swim-In


Ed Howard

Hi Folks:

We spoiled Southern Californians were shown our just dues by the
weather that was thrust upon us for our Spring Los Angeles area Swim-
In last Sunday.

It was windy, cloudy, and colder than normal, and threatened to rain
throughout the day. Ugh.

But still we had six wonderful Amphicars travel to Puddingstone for a
day of fun. There were four reds, one white, and one blue.

John Friese once again won the "award" for the farthest traveled by
driving his beautiful white Amphi 135 miles one-way from Santa

Steve Reich was a close second place, driving his pretty red one 90
miles from Del Mar near San Diego.

Jim Zuliani (blue) and Dick Brunner (red) came from the Long Beach

Allan Woodcock trailered his red car from the Westlake Village area.

I drove my red car about 25 miles.

There also were two other Amphicar owners who arrived Amphi-less,
Leonard Tiep (sp?) and Steve Hofmann. We hopefully offered them the
encouragement needed to get their cars back on the road (or lake as
the case may be).

And not to be forgotten, we were also graced with the presence of
none other than Hugh Gordon himself, recent star of Spanish TV!!

Another wonderful day. I look forward to meeting many of you at
Celina this year, my first trip ever! I will be Amphi-less in Ohio,
so I hope that I will be able to bum some rides from my fine finned

See you all soon.

Anyone want to pick me up at the Dayton airport on Wednesday evening,
July 23rd???????????????? Share a hotel room?????

Let me know.


Ed Howard
Orange County, CA
64 Red