Rebuilt, running complete drivetrain


I have for sale the complete running drivetrain that is in Finzilla. This includes rebuilt 1147 with mild cam, webber sidedraft carb. Performance head, gear reduction starter, new dist. rebuilt trans, clutch, everything. You are welcome to take a test drive!(still in car) Asking 7500. We can pull it after you drive it, &, or pay for it. I am installing a modern engine & trans. Thanx!! Tom 608 658 277two It is in Wi. Put Finzilla in subject line!


Dave, I did not sell it. I really wanna finish my dream drive train! It's a MR2 with VW bus trans & hydrolic motors to props, pump on eng. axles mocked up (vw inners welded to outers with slip joint) . I have an engine to trans adapter, clutch is hooked up, mounts are made, shifter -no problem. flange made for boots on trans. Engine is same dimensions as triumph, but less weight &3 times the HP!!


working on mounts, etc. 11-22-'13


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That's going to be an awesome drive train and Finzilla is a beauty. Hydraulic power transfer to spin the props? Solves a lot of problems, does it create any? I've been building an amphibious car for quite a few years and had my first swim this past August. The shakedown cruise helped outline how I will be spending my time next summer. :) Would love to see more photos of your build. Finzilla has to be standout where ever it goes.