Rear Reflector Question??


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:032: Is there supposed to be a rubber gasket between the rear reflectors and the body? If so, does anybody have a part number? I can't find the reflector in the parts manual let alone a gasket.
Ted Matthews


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Hi Ted,

It was an Amphicar oversight not to have some form of gasket there since water is held behind the reflector, which rusts the reflector and the back of the car. What I did was use a rather thick rubber washer behind the reflector so that the reflector is spaced out about 3/32" from the body. That way water that gets in there will simply run out and not cause a problem. Also the flat rubber washer (available at most any hardware store) acts as a seal for the mounting shaft. It works well. I've used that system for over 6 years now with no problem.

John Friese
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