Rear Quarter Repair ???


Mike Israel

Hi All,

Given that Gordon's currently has their 10% sale going
on I was thinking of ordering rear lower quarter panel
patches. I will probably wait until after Celina to
have them installed to avoid the possibility of being
tied up in body shop.

Anyway, from those who have gone through this before,
I was wondering exactly what I should order and what
might be better to have fabricated. Here are my
assumptions, all of which could be incorrect...

1) Outer quarter patches. Since I have the raised
lips I figure these are best ordered.

2) Inner quarter pieces. Are these essentially sheet
metal cut to the right shape? Seems like it might be
cheaper just to have them made up.

3) Under battery and under muffler. Specifically
those pieces that the rear bumpers mount to. I think
I might be OK with these, they may need to have a
patch welded but generally seem solid. Still, I could
be surprised once cutting begins. These seem to be
basic sheet metal which are run through a a bead
roller to create two strengtheining ribs. It would
seem that these would be the easiest pieces to

Any thoughts as I begin ordering would be appreciated.
I also believe that Bill Syx is manufacturing his own
quarter panels, not sure what Dave the Wave does.


Mike I.

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