Rear Brake Cylinder



I have an aftermarket rear brake cylinder on my Amphficar and am
having trouble finding replacement seals and rings. Anyone out there
know of an aftermarket cylinder that is available? Or does anyone
have a servicable original replacement they don't need any longer?


gord souter

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<font face="Arial" size="2">I have just recieved a bunch of front and rear Wheel cyl. that I have had resleaved in SS..</font>
<font face="Arial" size="2">I am now priming , painting and putting together for sale</font>
<font face="Arial" size="2">Also have a bunch redone that are Std. steel. and have all the rubbers and boots aval. for front and rear cyl. I also have rear Pistons (new)</font>
<font face="Arial" size="2">I have found a Aftermarket rear that will work but alot of Mods are needed.</font>
<font face="Arial" size="2">May be able to help you out on parts for them too. Email me off line</font>
<font face="Arial" size="2">Gord Souters Amphicar.</font>
<font face="Arial" size="2">(</font>