Rear Bearing & Snap Ring Foepah

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Being the good Amphipoda that I am, I
reckoned I might as well change my outer
bearing seals whilst I pack the bearings
with Amsoil blue goo and have the rims
out for powder coating. While prying
out one of the old seals I inadvertantly
popped out the BIG snap ring which
holds the rear bearings in place. I
went to get my snap ring pliers and
upon my return I heard Amphi groan.
Apparently the bearing slide outward
and is now covering the snap ring
groove. Question to you Amphi tech
types: AM I SCREWED? Will I have to
yank that rear axle off to get that
bearing back inside far enough for the
snap ring or is there an Amphi trick?
Or an Amphi magic tool of some kind?
I tried a tube over the inner bearing
ring and tighted the axle nut to push
tube but that only striped the axle nut.
Question 2: Noticed the seals were
not all facing the same way! Should
the spring be facing the bearings or
facing outward? All help appreciated,
all jokes taken in stride, (I suppose I
have some well deserved ridicule coming).

'64 Turquoise
San Diego, CA

BTW - Mermaid & I would be happy to
relay to any potential mermaids the
joys of Amphi co-habitation. As for
the joys of sex with mermaids... that
is certainly a topic of another day (and
perhaps an entirely different club
bulletin board).