Rear Axle U-Joint?


I searched through the archives trying to find a part number for the u-joint rear alxe that has a cup size of 24mm (.943"). Without pressing them out it appears the distance arosss the yokes are about 2.7". Is anyone aware of what U-Joint will fit these? If possible model and place you can buy them.

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Kinda neat to see this post after working on U jints since Thursday.
Amphicars have 3 different rear axles size's
the small 24 mm as in your search
the meduim 28mmx 70 size,,Allan/John Freese has found these and sold me a set before Chrismas.
Drop in good!
and the largest is 30mm by 82mm
Thats what I was on today.
I have always stocked U joints for this axle but they have no greese fittings and are hardened steel so none can be put in.
I found one in Fl.(with greese nipple) that I brought back home and fitted today,
it is 30.22 mm by 80 mm. and when put in is to tight, I reamed out the yokes to 30.15 mm and all worked perfect,they need a friction fit.
but thats a lot of work for the layman,I may get another and see if I can gind the cup down to 30 mm. let you know on that one.
I have had no luck finding the 24mm.
but all this work is a waste of time if the spline that slide in and out is worn. or there are groves on the shafts where the seals must be, then the axles are not worth reding the joints.
I have a pile of used here and could only make 1 set out of the whole pile!


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Actually, I found the ones that Allan was selling for the late style (spindly) drive shafts. The cup diameter is 28 mm and they are the correct, German made joints for the style 3 and 4 shafts. They have a zerk grease fitting on an end cap. Use the straight in zerk fitting for the outside joint or the (supplied) right angle zerk fitting for the inside joint. They are $45 each and contact me to buy them. 805-570-4778

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I had a phone call from a fellow in Ohio,I am sending him down all 3 U jionts and old yokes, he is sure he can have new joints made up but must have an order for 500 before he will commit.He is sure he can make them for a very fair price.I need to know from the group out there if there in interst in buying them you all need 4 per car sometime.
I tryed this once before for the 16-42(3) water gear and got no reponse so I dind not have them made