Rear Axle repairs


Amphicar Expert
Putting a ready SS sleeve on Amphicar rear axle perfect fit!
I machined the damaged shaft down first so its not oversized at all!


Jon March

VERY nice work!!
This looks to be the area that goes into the backside of the hub(a single-lip contact area?)
The 1/2” wide Speedi Sleeve is a great solution in that spot.
Now..the trickier one to get a smooth fix is the stub end that goes into the tranny, where the double lip seal contact points are nearly the same width as the SS-risking it riding on& off the sleeve as the driveshaft works. Thats where a spray-weld “buildup”, and machining back to original diameter is probably a better call for that particular wider-area - wanna be really perfect to keep water out of tranny. Have you ever tried that process Gord? Guy here in Hartford does it.