Rear Amphicar Shocks w/Small Diameter Spring - Rear Spring Specs?


I bought a set of Gordons plug and play rear shocks only to learn that they do not fit with my Cooker Radials. I would shim the tire and rim out but the previous owner did not account for this when they mounted the replacement quarter panel so the only two options I have left are switch back to the skinny bias ply tires or find a small diameter spring shock that will work. I prefer option 2.

I have spent a fair amount of time looking thru old posts and did not find the details around the rear shocks and am hoping someone knows the following information. I found a few related posts but they did not have all the information needed on the rear shocks.

Mounted Length
Extended Length
Compressed Length
Stroke Length
Spring Rate

I found these and other that having too much travel they look like they are a darn close fit. If I read this correctly it appears the spring is 2 5/8" diameter which is close to the original. I am not a fan of the chrome but at this point I can live with it.

Aluminum Small Body Coilover Shock, 4 Inch, 325 lb. Spring Rate
Universal Fit, 325 lbs. Spring Rate, 12.00" Mounted Length, Aluminum Shock Body Material 2 5/8" Spring Diameter,46605.html
Aluminum Small Body Coilover Shocks, 5 Inch, 300 lbs Spring Rate
Universal Fit, 300 lbs. Spring Rate, 13.10" Mounted Length, Aluminum Shock Body Material
2 5/8" Spring Diameter

Any insight or comments good or bad is appreciated.


Amphicar Expert
I use to buy a Snowmobile shock and Mod, it to fit the original springs.
I now have a perfect Front shock I mod for late model shocks. Looks like Original when I'm done.I used the spring over.
But nothing for rears yet.


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