Re Wheels-n-Waves



WHAT A COLORFUL PROFESSIONAL EYE GRABBING publication you have brought about
in the evolution of the Amphicar Club newsletter. I would presume that you,
Keith, get the bulk of the credit for the finished product, but the great
articles and the masterful way they were presented with superb artistry and
attention to detail make "our" newsletter a first class publication. We can all
be very proud to be members of such a great group of people to say nothing of
owning our very unique Amphibians.

The efforts of all of you at the helm of our club deserve a lot of praise.
The quality of the NEW Wheels-n-Waves is just another reason for all of our
members to bathe in the reflected glory emanating from our Amphicars and the
comaraderie that is quite evident at every one of our Swim-Ins. I was
fortunate to get together with Ron at the Hershey car show where he bathed in the
attention his gorgeous Amphicar attracted. Yesterday, I talked with our
convalescing Canadian Guru, Gord. He is doing well, but still insists on operating
his Amphicar clutch with his semi-bionic left leg and is busy playing with
Tommy's low mileage
Amphicar. Most of you probably saw the crash scene photo of Gord's 23 year
old home built plane. Thankfully, he is not planning to rebuild it though I
am certain he could manage the job. These two people are just two of our
great club members to whom we owe a lot and to whom we are in a sense related.

Now as Ron and Keith and others have begged all of us, let us keep a steady
stream of more great articles coming to Keith so we can all enjoy hearing
the many interesting tales our members and vehicles generate.

Vic ( Capt. Splash ) and Carol Nelson with the irrepressible 1967 "Split

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Ron Green

Vic, your words are refreshing and we all thank you. Keith gets the credit for the newsletter and the club is fortunate to have him. It is an extremely time consuming job. We tossed some ideas around about a new format and decided to model it after an AACA regional newsletter that I receive. We then changed printers (cheaper) to one close to my house. Val and I now get to do the mailing, which helps out Keith. We do need to keep him fed with pictures and articles.

I have a meeting tomorrow regarding the annual gift and hope to have it in the mail by Dec 1st. I received a packet yesterday and a phone call about a USA amphibious swim in at Evansville Indiana this coming August. There will be WW2 Ducks, etc with several vehicle owners from Europe attending. We have a local club member who is checking into hotel rooms, etc. Details to follow.