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Hi all,
I was having trouble figuring out how to post a new thread. I didn't realize you had to click on to General Amphicar Discussion to do so. But I think I got it now. Mike, Disregard my email if this posts...

Thanks, Cigarman

Ron Green

Cigarman, how is the amphi coming?

I meeting a guy next week that does Christmas ornaments and he wants to do a Amphicar one. I'm thinking of either having a round one made with amphi in the water printed on the outside or possibly having a clear one made with a floating amphi inside. :)



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possibly having a clear one made with a floating amphi inside
That would be cool---I'd buy a few, make um in the four colors and one with snow in it for Dave and Cigarman--------:D

A couple with alligators for Tommy and I--:):)

Oh yea, one with ice for Mike in NH------:rolleyes:

Don't mind me--just trying to see if I can work this new thingy

Also trying to figure out how to change the color of a selected sentence, after all is typed in-----like the first one here to show its from a previous post. Someone else showed how to do it on a new post but on a reply I can't find the right icon---used to do it by highlighting and right clicking to change colors---no workee on this format?????

Ken in La

Ed Price


In the QUICK REPLY box at the bottom, just start typing. You can select bold or italics or underlined by clicking the little button icons on & off. Click the little arrow next to the black A icon and you can select colors. You should be able to increase or decrease the font size by clicking that little set of double arrows at the top right, but that doesn't seem to work right now. You can also insert images. Clicking on that A/A icon on the upper right shows you the HTML code behind what you are typing. (For instance, if you want to go to the RED color, there will be a tag inserted in your text. And then, when you want to go back to thew default color, there will be another tag added, . (Getting deep in the geek now.)


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OK Ed, thanks-----now I have it, did not notice the tiny arrow

Now to try an insert a foto

Nope that does not work---only gives me a little noise like a squirt

Any "Deep computer Geeks" have any ideas or solutions


Ken n La