Re-Sleave Bake Cylinders


Arnold Hite

I've only had my Amphi 5 years and I am constantly replacing the rubber
seals on the brake pistons. I've replaced the right front brake seals three
times. Inspection of the cylinder wall doesn't reveal anything to me, but
then I'm not a brake expert. My new strategy is to have the brake cylinders
re-sleaved as they fail. There are several companies advertising in the
classic auto magazines I get, but I was wondering if anyone on the
list/serve has one to recommend to me? I recall a discussion about this a
couple of months ago.
Also, How many Russians know about, or have ridden in an Amphicar? I
had three Russian house guest for almost three weeks. They were visiting
the Charleston area to observe private practice medicine. Two spoke no
English and the third's English was so bad that I wasn't sure if any of them
really understood what an Amphicar was. I took them into the water and this
I know. Screaming is the same in every language.

66 Blue
64 White

White Post does an excellent job. They have a first class shop. As does
Stainless Steel Brake. Both can be found in Hemmings.
Brian in CA


--- In amphicar-lovers@y..., "John Friese" <jfriese@m...> wrote:
> White Post Restorations is the one.
> John
I have used White Post in the past with great success
being in the restoration business myself. My only gripe is if you're
not a shop they want to rebuild the whole unit there for $$$. I think
everyone here can install a set of seals without paying double or
more for that service. This doesn't affect me but just my opinion.
For people on the west coast there is Sierra Specialty Automotive
Quincy, Ca. that does the sleeve in brass too. I would suggest though
not to use a stainless steel sleeve as it is a harder, slicker
surface which the rubber seals don't seat. There have been cases of
brake failure from seal blowbye. John