re Microcar meet



Dave -

We went to Charles Gould's Microcar meet in Newton Massachusetts 2 years
ago and had a great time. There were a lot of unusual cars. I got to ride in
Jeff Lane's Trident Piehl ( of Lane's Auto Museum in Nashville I have
since been to his Museum and it is quite worthwhile. The little Trident is a 3
wheel bubble top creation with barely room for two people powered by a
motorcycle engine. We followed him on the road at 40 mph. His museum has
several, as I recall, Czech Tatras with rear engined air cooled V-8s ) as well
as severaI other cars that I either owned, have driven or found
interesting. Ron Trudeau and Rob Vondracek were there, but NO Amphicars other than
Charles Gould's which he did not get out. Ron came with a Metropolitan and
Rob had an Isetta. There were also no VWs - not even a Karmann Ghia of which
I have owned at least a dozen and am, in love with. At least at your meet
you will have your Amphicar and with your pushing, should have several. The
car at Gould's meet that I was most interested in besides the Piehl
Trident was the Go-Go Mobile "Dart" very stylish and un-Go-Go Mobilish. I had
seen one while in the Air Force in Germany, but hadn't seen another and any
Go-Go Mobile owners that I encountered had no idea what I was talking about
except Charles Gould. Vic "Capt.Splash" Nelson