Re listing e-mails of senders



Thanks for the in depth answer Mike. I see the problem is indeed a problem.
Perhaps the better, not altogether satisfactory, answer would be to suggest to
the members that unless they insist on anonymity, to list their name and
last initial and to send what are essentially "personal" messages directly to
the recipient's e-mail address and not use the AmphicarLovers address unless it
is of general interest. I try to follow both of these suggestions which I
have made as do several others I see, but as one person commented in response
to my query, with no definite idea of who is writing, itnis very frustrating.
It is difficult to even guess how much weight to give to an anonymous
opinion or suggestion.

So Amphicarites - I would personally suggest we all generally sign our
e-mails in some fashion such as in my case, I would put Vic N or Vic near Daytona.
In that way, no outsider can get our e-mail and insiders whom you probably
don't have any reason or need to keep in the dark can figure out which member
is writing. The other matter goes without saying - that as Mike said, One
to One type messages - i.e. messages that 99% of the members won't understand
the meaning of or be interested in should be sent directly to the recipient
by just looking the e-mail address up in our Roster. If it is someone with
whom you regularly correspond, it will then likely already be in your e-mail
address book anyway. Vic near Daytona

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