Re How deep does it go ?



As I frequently query other Amphicar owners about what question they are
asked most frequently about our Amphibians, I believe the concensus is: " Do
you ever take it in the water ? "

Along the same line as " How deep does it go," while sailing around the
world on the Brigantine YANKEE, twice visitors at various places asked " Do
you anchor every night ? " Of course we did - especially on the 22 day
passage from the Galapagos Islands to Pitcairn Island (where the Bounty Mutineers
settled) ! That is why the passage took so long because it took us so long
to bring in all the anchor chain every morning !

An aside, but on our voyage, we had the great pleasure of quite accidentally
discovering the Bounty's anchor which had been searched for extensively many
times, but never in the right place. In 2007, a special series of 5
Pitcairn Island postage stamps was issued commemorating the 50th anniversary of the
finding and recovery of the Bounty's anchor by the YANKEE and her crew.
Though many people have never heard of Pitcairn, almost everyone has heard of the
"Mutiny on the Bounty" - the most famous Mutiny in history. It was led by
Fletcher Christian against Capt. Bligh in 1789 and became so well known partly
because of the 2 very popular Movies - one in 1935 with Charles Laughton and
Clarke Gable which is by far the best and the other with Marlon Brando more
recently. I just ordered a copy on Amazon for $5.00 after seeing it again on
TV on Turner Classic Movies. I highly recommend it. My YANKEE voyage was
the experience of a lifetime and during the 7 voyages, the YANKEE encountered
many unusual things, some of which had far reaching consequences. On her 6th
voyage, the 23 YANKEES and 4 Australians were the first Europeans and
Australians to witness a native ritual which the National Geographic called "South
Seas Incredible Land Divers" when they put out an article in their January 1955
issue. This land diving is what evolved into "Bungee Jumping" which has now
become world wide. Several years later, Hugh Downs gave the YANKEE and
her crew the credit for the discovery when he related the history of Bungee
Jumping on TV and included footage filmed by the YANKEE's crew. My voyage was
featured in a December 1959 Geographic article which is my claim to fame with
my picture in it. That issue has the YANKEE on the cover and I believe it
was the first time the Geographic had put a picture on the cover of their

Vic (Capt. Splash) Nelson - member of the crew on the 7th (and last) 18
month YANKEE World Voyage
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