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I have to agree 100% with John. I have owned my Amphi for 13 years and
though it is a lopsided support, my hood has always fitted perfectly with no
deformation at all. I have several times left the hood open on its original
one prop for several days with no problem at all.

The only hood deformation I have experienced was at Lake Mirror about 4
years ago. They had a makeshift ramp which they have no more, but I dived in
as is my custom and the drop was too much and the nose received a heavy
push from the water and pushed both it and the cross brace beneath in about 4
to 6 inches. I figured, "oh well, that's life" and we cruised around with
the rest and then headed back for where the amphis were quartered. Back at
our station, I surveyed it and saw that a circular area probably 3 feet or
so with a contiguous area about 1 foot in diameter had been pushed in. I
opened the hood and saw that the cross bracing was likewise pushed in. If I
had had the slightest idea of what was coming next, I would have taken
photos of both top and bottom before attempting to improve things. I figured
that a replacement hood would be the answer. My wife and Peter Fredsall and
his wife were the only ones who had arrived back, and the 3 of them helped
support the hood while I pushed with the palm of my hand. "Boing" like an oil
can and the 3 foot area sprang back in place. I was more than a little
surprised, so I did the same thing to the small one foot area and it likewise
went right back up. I then pushed on the cross bracing and it went back
where it belonged. I then closed the hood and it was as good as new. No other
Amphicar owner ever saw the pushed in hood or witnessed the correction. To
this date, NO repair has been necessary and there is zero evidence that it
ever happened and the hood fits perfectly as it always has. I am, however,
a bit wiser or more experienced with my diving since that memorable dive !

Has anyone else experienced this same thing and had as straight forward a
resolution to what looked like a first class problem ?

Victor ( Capt. Splash ) Nelson with the 1967
"Split Personality"