Re changes in Board etc.



Hello Amphicarites -

I feel I would be remiss if I didn't publicly applaud the efforts of our
many unpaid and, of course, volunteer leaders who give so much to our club. I
have had extensive personal conversations with John Bevins, Ron Green, Ed Price
and John Capone as well as with Hugh Gordon and Gord Souter and Dave Dehrer
on occasion. All of these wonderful folks as well as others have done so much
to promote our club and our objectives that it behooves me to personally
thank them all for their unstinting efforts that have resulted in such a great
club. I recognize this past year has had its ups and downs health and personal
problems wise, yet everyone has gone the extra mile to try to carry out
their own area of contributions. We were all very pleased to have our President,
John Bevins, come to our Lake Dora show last year and he plans to come
again next week. Both he and the "Cigar Man" John Capone are likely to make the
sacrifice of giving up the fluffy white snow in exchange for the warmth,
sunshine, and sweet smell of spring in sunny Central Florida. Recently, the
Cigar Man made reference to some "funny" glasses with wipers that I have been
known to wear when operating my machine. I had to bring him up short and inform
him that these were not an option, but until I can get a windshield
installed, they were a necessity for the safe operation of the "Split Personality !"

All kidding aside, my sincere thanks to every one of you who have given so
much and tried so hard to further the objectives we all have in promoting our
wonderful Amphicars and enjoying them with other club members and with the
public. I know, as do all of you, that a ride in an Amphicar is a super
highlight for a lot of folks at the Lake Dora extravaganza. All of you who come to
our 11th Annual Southeastern Swim-In next weekend will have the opportunity
to again enjoy our sunshine, hospitality and camaraderie at both the Swim-In
week end activities and also at our fun filled super Amphicar Banquet
Saturday night.

The "Rites of Spring" will be in full bloom next weekend. DON'T MISS OUT -

Vic (
Capt. Splash ) Nelson with the "Split Personality"

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Amphi Guru & Former IAOC President
Vic -

THANK YOU! It is nice to hear some good words and encouragement from somebody who understands what we are trying to do. This is not an easy job! We work for less than nothing so any support is a welcome bonus. There are always going to be smooth waters and rough seas in our travels. Right now it's a bit choppy, but the calm waters are in sight! With the help of our Board and support from the members like yourself, we will be just fine.

If any of you have not paid your dues for 2008, please do so quickly so we can keep the coffers full in order to better serve you, the members of the IAOC.


Amphicar Expert
I confirm all that My man Johnny B. said, But waters are calmer today than everyone thinks!!!

Mr. Split Personality Vic, I might just surprise you in Dora!!!

IAOC Treasurer