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It's an automatic, OK, OK I'll have it checked out and do the right
thing. Maybe I can get a million miles out of it, and the best thing
about this car is that it's paid for.


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Subject: Re: Re[2]: [amphicar-lovers] Amsoil
Author: ("Bill Connelly" <>) at
Date: 11/9/00 8:55 AM

> Thanks for all the info on Amsoil oil and other, I think I will give it a
> try in my Jeep, the transmission has never been touched and maybe in need
> of something although if it isn't broke I'm not sure if I want anyone to
> touch it.

Is it an automatic? If so, then it could surely be said that "If it ain't
broke don't fix it" would be lousy advice. I mean, if that WERE true,
noone would EVER change their oil...ever. Do the smart thing.


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