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Re[2]: Searching for parts

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Thanks for the update on the manifold, I just came back in and my
toolmaker has helped me out with the broken studs. I think we will be
in business after work. I will however check with Shelly on a spare.


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Subject: Re: [amphicar-lovers] Searching for parts
Author: amphicar-lovers@egroups.com ("Bill Connelly" <billiam@erols.com>) at
Date: 9/18/00 9:29 AM

> And now for the big question, where can I get an intake/exhaust
> manifold before this weekends swim in at beautiful Lake Geneva?

Have you tried Hugh Gordon at:

PHONE 562-802-1608 FAX 562-404-1904

My guess is he could easily UPS you a manifold by Next Day or 2nd Day Air.
I've got a spare one, but it's pretty well knackered and would need some
engineering about the header studs to fit to spec (though I used it
"temporarily" for years with a couple of thinnish through-bolts instead).
If Hugh can't hook you up, drop me a line.


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