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Thank you for your input on the pulley system used in the Amphicar. I
had the thought that maybe Amphicar used this pulley due to the
environment it may be in and then have less rusted parts on the

I have talked with my foreign car parts house and he cannot supply a
metal pulley w/fan. My TR-250 has an alternator, not a generator but
I could remove the pulley and review it's dimensions for a fit.
Question: What year did Triumph switch from generators to
alternators. This might help my search for a metal pulley w/fan.

Thanks again for your words,

Marty & Caryl

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Subject: Re: [amphicar-lovers] Generator Pulleys and Alternator co...
Author: ("David Chapman"
Date: 9/12/00 5:58 PM

Re: [amphicar-lovers] Generator Pulleys and Alternator conversions

The plastic pulley has always been a puzzle - they were never fitted to the
engine when in a Triumph Herald/Spitfire yet all other parts, the generator
itself, the pulleys and the belt were the same as in the Triumph cars.

The best explanation is that the plastic pulley was specified by Amphicar to
provide more airflow over the generator and so better cooling - they do run
hot - and Amphicar were very concerned - almost paranoid - about engine
cooling, they had lots of problems with the prototypes, that's also why they
fitted an oil cooler to the engine, if you measure the oil temperature it
isn't really needed (except maybe in 90 degree heat)

The metal pulley is most likely the ordinary Triumph part.

David Chapman in the UK

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