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Take all the photos you want, I take so many when out in the water and


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Subject: Re: [[amphicar-lovers] An Addiction...]
Author: (Randy Tusone <>) at
Date: 10/8/00 11:40 AM


Now having been on the side of being addicted to the subjects of both your
photos, amphicars are by far the safer of the two. I've nearly lost my
life from riding horses. I love them anyhow and they are indeed an
addiction. The worst that's happened so far with the amphi is that we got
stuck on the mud at
low tide on my birthday and it took several hours for the tide to come in
enough that someone could pull us out.

Haven't had the amphi dump me on my head, or butt, or go wild without any
notice from a bee sting on the belly.

Yes, amphicars are an addition, but a relatively safe one.

By the way Marty, I have downloaded any photo's I've caught that you sent out
on line and they will be stuck in the calendar somewhere. Thanks!


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